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Released Version 3.3.3 - PRO Ledger Software Update

posted Dec 23, 2014, 12:05 PM by Steve Penner
This release includes some of the following features for the PRO Desktop programs:
  • ability to rename items in the setup screen without having to edit affected entries.
  • more attractive screen layouts and some animation.
  • better printing of multi-page reports
  • repaired a few minor bug fixes.
PLUS:  released the NEW EXPANDED LEDGERS - these new ledgers allow for the creation of "sub-classes" which means you can create an income and expense statement for every property, customer, project, and more!  Provides much greater ability to track things on an individual basis, plus still getting overall combined reporting. Watch the video on how these ledger work by clicking here.

ALSO: Added features for "Landlord" ledgers.. including the tracking of security deposits.