Excel Ledgers: Downloading, Security & Compatibility

Downloading & Security:

1. Are the Excel Ledgers safe to download? click here for our safety report

Answer: Absolutely yes. Before offering any Ledger for download, they are scanned by virus programs to ensure they are not infected with any computer virus. Also, the Ledgers do not contain any kind of spyware, or adware, or any other element that would create a security risk of any kind. In short, all our Ledgers are 100% safe to download an use on your computer.

2. Why is my Security/AntiVirus Program flagging the Excel Ledger as a Threat?

Answer: These excel ledgers contain harmless excel "marco's" that sometimes get mistaken as security threats by security programs.  Occasionally this can create what is referred to as a "false positive" result, which means that even though the software is completely safe the program produces warnings.
Click here for an article on the subject.

3. What should I do if there is a "False Positive" Message?

Answer: Manually provide permission for your security/antivirus program to run the Ledger, and perhaps "exclude" the Ledger from future scanning or quarantine's. Every security/antivirus program allows you to manually choose to run programs regardless of the warnings it may provide. Check your security/antivirus software program for instructions. You can also contact us for support if you require assistance.

4.  What should I do if my anti-virus program removes the ledger from my computer.

Answer: This is rare, but In this case, go to your anti-virus program "Vault" or "Quarantine" area, select the ledger program that was removed, and then use the "restore" feature to retrieve the ledger program to it's former location on your computer. During the "restore" feature select the option to "exclude" the ledger program file from future scans.

5. When Opening the Ledger I get the message "Excel has detected a problem with with file".

Answer:  when this message appears, it means you will need to add the location of your ledger file(s) as a "trusted" location within your Excel program.   Click here for instructions


1. What are the requirements to run the Excel Ledgers?

Answer: You must have a PC with Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer.

2. Will the Ledgers work on a Mac computer?

Answer: NO. The Excel Ledgers will not work on a Mac computer. The software will only work on a PC.

3. Will the Excel Ledger work on other spreadsheet programs than Microsoft Excel?

Answer: NO. The Excel Ledgers will only work with Microsoft Excel. Ledgers will not work with any other spreadsheet program.